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About Me

About Me

I am very passionate about photography and media design. I have come to love the art of the whole project.

Being an artist, I have worked many jobs in the service industry, which in the long run, has helped me tremendously working with people.

I am sure that I can help you get what you want and have fun doing it!


"...The photos turned out absolutely fantastic. Our family and friends have raved about them and we couldn't be happier. Patrick and Andrea were on the ball, fun, professional and a total pleasure to work with. They were flexible about staying later than scheduled and well within our price range. I'd recommend this dynamic duo a thousand times over..."
-Megan and Emily Small

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Hudson High students and Alumni Design…

Hudson High students and Alumni Design mural with Mark Foster from “Foster The People”

Tim Naujoks, (Hudson High Photo teacher, former Nordonia High Photography teacher) & Mark Foster, from “Foster the People” organized a collective mural at Hudson High School along with 20 students and 8 alumni.

The mural was based around an improvised quote from Mark, who came to visit while on his off time:

“Artists are given the keys to the heavens, and with their chariots, they bring celestial treasures back to Earth. They are messengers that retrieve light from the unknown. To put color to emotion. And to give the gift of flight to those who didn’t know they had wings”

Many creative minds were at work at this event. The room and the people there procured an extremely powerful moment: We were all there to have fun while we were “us”. No feelings of judgement or fittings. “Let’s just be us. Who we were meant to be.” ……It was very hard to comprehend the amount of creativity thrown into one space…. It was a hurricane of artistry. It makes me want more. A lot more.

I had a fantastic night with all of Mr. Naujoks students, past and present. My wish is for this outstanding forum to continue the art education of the rising youth and let them know that if you have passion, love, freedom, happiness, and a sense of curiosity and “grit”, DO IT. DO NOT let anyone tear you down. GO AND BE. And try to love every minute of it. It won’t always be easy, but it WILL be fun!

A big thank you to Hudson High School and especially Tim Naujoks, for hosting and creating such an amazing event! Thank you Mark Foster for taking some time out to give the next gen some wise words and something to strive for! We ARE given the keys to the heavens. Let us all never forget that…


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Knockout Concepts

I had the unique experience to work with some good friends starting a great new start up company in mobile 3D scanning. We went to “Maker Faire” in Detroit, MI. We worked the crowd, scanned some people and cars in the “Ford Museum” and they received a “Maker of Merit” award! Thanks again to the guys at Knockout for letting me participate in such a cool experience! I wish you well and good luck in Columbus, OH!


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Beach in B&W

A beautiful Atlantic beach, Ansel Adams style.


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Golden Gate in Black and White

The foggy masterpiece of human ingenuity. What more is there to say?


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Vibrant Abyss

While in California, My wife and I had a great opportunity to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I am a sucker for the ocean and the life it creates. The MBA has a fantastic jellyfish and seahorse exhibit. Andrea actually witnessed a seahorse give birth, which I believe was a very magical moment for her. We highly recommend visiting it if you are ever in that direction.

I have created a gallery where you can order prints of various sizes here: Vibrant Abyss


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Wooster, Ohio 44691
Mobile: (330) 317-6635

Spotlight: Andrea Hoban "Super Assistant"

Spotlight: Andrea Hoban "Super Assistant"

Andrea has 3 years of photography under her belt and has been a huge part of the family business. She has an eye for behind the scenes photos and works closely with the Bride during the "getting ready" phase of the wedding.

Need Something? Contact me here!

Specializing In:

Wedding photography
Commercial photography
Fashion and Modeling photography
Portrait and Family photography
Digital Photo Editing and Photo Retouching
Architectural and Real Estate Photography
Art Photography (Creative and Abstract)

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Aerial Photography

Now is the time to get your aerial photos taken! We will be flying several times this year until Fall, so contact me today to see your house or business from a whole new perspective!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Time Lapse

A quick look at my time lapse capabilities. With my new camera, a Nikon D600, time lapse has become much easier than it was before. Now, the camera shoots many photos at the interval that has been decided, then ropes it all together and forms a movie file. The process is much quicker than it was before and is viewable right away.